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Specialist Occupational Health Practitioner
Founder and Owner of ABEL Occupational Health Resolutions.

From an early age I have always had a passion for the health and well-being of individuals. I believe for any professional and business to be successful, life skills are paramount as they are transferable and invaluable when offering advice and support to individuals.

I aspired to help individuals who suffer mental health illness and those who suffer with learning disabilities. I achieved a BSc Hons in Professional Studies in Nursing (Learning Disabilities and complex health needs) and Social Work (Forensic Mental Health). I was exposed to and worked in various settings and was able to develop a person-centred approach which allowed me to support and work well with individuals, their families, and carers.

I worked for the department of work and pensions assessing individuals who suffered with disabilities both mental and physical. Some individuals worked with support, whilst others were unable to work as a result of their conditions/disabilities. I was able to further develop my skills as I trained in musculoskeletal conditions and the assessment of such conditions. After working in this area, I developed a strong interest in Occupational Health.

I later directed and helped to build a successful Occupational Health Company. My journey and directorate experience inspired me to build my own occupational health company. ABEL Occupational Health Resolutions Ltd has allowed me to follow my dream. We now have a successful multidisciplinary team who are dedicated, friendly and who are always ready to offer advice and support.

Our Team


Registered Nurse
(B.S.c) Bachelor’s Degree

Faye is a highly skilled Registered Nurse who Specialises in Learning Disability and Mental Health.

Faye acquired further skills in her post for the Department of Work and Pensions. She was required to assess and produce reports for a wide range of medical conditions which affect both physical and mental health. She was trained in the holistic assessment of health which focussed on the biopsychosocial factors of health.

Faye had additional training in Mental health which enhanced her skills. She also trained in musculoskeletal conditions which expanded her knowledge. She can confidently complete musculoskeletal observations (MSO) and mental state examinations (MSE) and this allows her to produce in depth, robust and evidence based medical reports. Faye’s skills have been invaluable and easily transferable to Occupational Health. Faye is extremely empathetic in her approach and has an excellent rapport with both employers and employees. Her return to work and rehabilitation has proved to be very successful. She is a credit to our team at ABEL.

Our Team

Layla Rainford

Registered Nurse

Layla is a valued and dedicted part of our Nursing team who joined ABEL in 2020. She previously Specialised in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and complex health needs. Layla has been able to transfer her skills into the role of Occupational Health. Layla with the rest of the team has worked extremely hard throughout the pandemic to protect the lives of employees and members of the public. She has continued to manage COVID-19 clincs and has completed testing to a high standard. Layla has provided people with invaluable knowledge, advice, support and reassureance which has been much  appreciated by clients and their employees. Layla manages other clinics such as health surveillance and face fit testing, and again has managed well through what has been a difficult one, but one which for ABEL has been rewarding.

Our Team

Judith Richardson

Registered General Nurse

Judith is a valued member of our nursing team. She comes from a General Nursing background though has in-depth knowledge in orthopaedics and complex medical issues. Judith has been able to develop her skills with the role of occupational health which she has been working in now since 2018. She has excellent knowledge of mental health illness and she is able to work with individuals well, and she supports their rehabilitation into the workplace. Judith is able to complete musculoskeletal observations and mental state examinations, and she is able to produce excellent in depth medical reports using evidence based practice. Judith is very empathetic in her approach, she treats all individuals with dignity and respect. She is a credit to ABEL.
Our Team

Kay Barton

Registered General Nurse

Kay is a new member of the Nursing team joining in April 2023. She is a registered General Nurse, and her skills have been transferable to the role of Occupational Health. She is very caring and approachable. She deals with all aspects of Occupational Health Assessments sensitively, whilst giving an honest opinion, which helps to support continued wellness at work.Kay is also a member of the Oldham street angels which is a charity which supports the health and well-being of those who are homeless. Kay is highly regarded in the local community for the help and support she provides.

Kay is also able to sign and is part of the sign-along with us group. She helps to support individuals to allow them to communicate effectively with the use of Sign Supported English (SSE).

Kay is also an asset to ABEL.