Our clinics are now open, and we are offering face to face assessments where required. However, video assessments are promoted currently to reduce the risk of exposure to ourselves and others. Video assessments are as evidenced based as face to face assessments and the quality of reports remain the same.

Our Practitioners will contact employees and arrange with them video connection once a referral is made. We are very flexible and will work with various video links as we know not all employees have access to technology.

If face to face is necessary, our practitioner will comply with the two-metre distancing, will wear appropriate PPE and hand sanitiser will be available. The assessment room will have access to an open window and we will only allow two people in a room at any one time.

We understand COVID-19 has had a big impact on employees. We know the prospect of returning to work feels daunting. We work with individuals to ensure they feel supported through their return to work and we make sure individuals with health issues are appropriately assessed and supported through rehabilitation. We provide much needed guidance to employers, so they are aware of how best to support an employee with health issues back into the working environment. We provide invaluable advice on risk reduction including minimising the risk of transmission in the work place and how to reduce the risk of transmission to your loved ones when arriving home.

ABEL also have mental health support through our mental health portal which also provides support in relation to COVID-19 and the impact this has had on our health and wellbeing. Strategies are provided to enable you to reduce physiological symptoms which will then aid with functional ability. Please visit the page for more information on our mental health portal.

ABEL also have the ability to test your employees which can provide peace of mind when returning to the work environment. We provide the rapid antigen swab test which provides results within 15 minutes.. Please contact the team if you wisht to discuss testing in the workplace, antibody testing is also available.