At ABEL Occupational Health Resolutions Ltd, we are proud to offer robust, evidence-based services which allow our team to best support both employers and employees in the workplace. As a well-established healthcare provider, we tackle health issues which affect an employee’s functional ability both at home and in work. We have an excellent reputation for rehabilitation and prompt return to work.

We ensure all our clients and their employees are treated with care and respect. We use a holistic, empathetic, and person-centred approach when assessing individuals. We take time to listen to
individual needs which allows them to achieve their personal and professional goals. With our approaches we reduce absenteeism whilst tackling issues relating to presenteeism which increases productivity and promotes wellness.

We also offer specialist advice to employers and employees in a leadership role. Our specialist advice helps you to successfully monitor and manage workplace issues effectively, whilst preventing avoidable losses in time and productivity.



Making sure your employees are happy and healthy is key to productivity and staff morale. However, we appreciate it can be tough to monitor absence whilst ensuring your employees receive the support they need. With our support individuals will recover and return to work promptly. Our specialist team of ABEL Occupational Health Resolutions experts prioritise early interventions and evidence-based approaches. Our approaches support successful and sustainable returns to work whilst safeguarding employee health and well-being.

Our expert advice and guidance will provide you with the confidence to manage your employee’s health positively and effectively at work. Our team will help you to support employees through periods of illness and rehabilitation. We offer detailed, evidence-based reports which are available within 48 hours after assessments. Our recommendations are both practical and reasonable for both employers and employees improving health and motivation.

Our team will work with you to assess, monitor, and review any health or productivity issues with free telephone advice available.

Prompt Rehabilitation


Our Clients Natasha Schofield
Natasha Schofield

As an HR consultancy it is vital that we have access to Occupational Health to support our clients and their employees. Not all OH providers take this same level of time and care, as we have learnt from experience. We are delighted with the responsiveness, depth of reporting and great online referra…

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Our Clients Katie Gardner
Katie gardner

Sigmatex has a long-standing relationship with ABEL OHR. They assist us with the full occupational health remit including drug and alcohol testing, ongoing health surveillance and absence management referrals. Understanding the cause of absence and supporting the return to work process is key to us …

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HR Integrated Solutions
Lorraine brophy

The role of Abel Occupational Health has had a positive effect for our business, our clients and their employees, particularly in assisting and managing staff absence. The recommendations,support and advice provided is always excellent, honest, professional and efficient. They fully understand the c…

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Our Client Angela Golden
Angela golden

After discussing my requirement with ABEL, it became instantly apparent that the team went way above the level of service I expected, not only meeting me in person to explain what their service offered, meetings were arranged extremely swiftly to meet the company needs. The service and level of know…

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