Mental Health Portal

ABEL are proud to announce their new mental health portal.
We understand how mental health is just as important as physical health. If your mental health is affected then your physical health can be impacted and vice versa, our ability to function on a day today basis is then also affected.
We recognise that the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted many of us and now mental health conditions are more prevalent than ever before. Individuals are struggling with the changes made to their work environment, their roles and even their physical wellbeing due to the impact of restrictions and the lockdowns which have been enforced.
Our mental health portal focuses on the management of: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, the impact of Covid 19, Domestic Violence/Abuse, PTSD and Grief/loss.
We recognise that the NHS waiting times for counselling intervention is significant and we are aware that not all individuals are able to self fund counselling intervention due to the cost involved. With this in mind we have launched the portal at a low cost so that employers, employees and other members of the public can access for a small fee of 15 pounds plus VAT. With this fee individuals are able to access the portal for a 12 month period, the portal is flexible meaning individuals can leave the portal and return at a time that suits them.
The portal can.also be utilised through our EAP which alllows employees to access other OH services. Please visit our EAP page for further information.